Cloud dining

Cloud dining reviews

Cloud dining means eating great food at the height of approx.150 to 160 feet high among the clouds in sky and it is very exciting and thrilling. It is as amazing as it sounds Cloud dining. The Cloud Dine structure is made up by using high-grade metal frame platform that has the capacity to seat 24 to 25 people around the dining table.Couples will have an unforgettable experience and life time memory eating in the Clouds because it is extra ordinary experience but it is very costly as compared to regular dining cost in any Restaurants or malls. The incredible feeling of joy and the excitement for a breathtaking will always be cherished and joyful. 
Cloud Dining in Hyderabad : Any person who had this experience of 1st Cloud Dining which takes you above 160 feet approx. above the ground with 24 other people accompanying you while having great food will give adventurous dining experience. 
As the cold breeze touch your face and can see dancing clouds seem to appear nearer welcoming, gourmet dining at the height of 160 feet is taken to another level. Cloud Dining is the first-ever sky dining restaurant in Hyderabad that gives people a once in a lifetime kind of experience.
Cloud Dining is a restaurant that has set itself up in Hyderabad’s IT corner, Hi-Tec city with good catering to a crowd that are diverse, as many people who have moved into Hyderabad from different cities in the recent times have found themselves staying in that end of the city.
The guests will be taken up to 160-feet high above the ground and the food will be served with respect.
The guests and the staff are secured with safety belts and harness during the eating sessions, they also take care of safety of guests.Time sessions will be 45 minutes each and fixed menu will be served to the guests. Guests will have a choice of veg and non-veg food that they will have to choose during the time of booking. Each session will be priced at 4,999 per person approx. Before your visit check the prices and book your seats.
Cloud dining will give a unique experience clubbed with lip-smacking food right here in the city. Bookings can be done online on their official website.