Wholesale Book shops in Hyderabad

Hyderabad Wholesale

Are you looking for wholesale Book shops in Hyderabad for buying Books or Model papers at reasonable prices. I suggest for buying the School and College books best place to visit is Koti in Hyderabad, there you will find multiple Book stores providing different discounts on Books and Model papers. There are many shops in koti dealing with different rare books which are not easily available at the other places of Hyderabad. If you want to buy any rare book which is not easily available in local market, you can ask the shop keeper to arrange the book by paying some advance and don’t forget to take the written receipt of advance paid. Surely the shop keeper will arrange the books from his business network. Backside of Gokul chat you will find some more shops which are little hidden and not easily visible. Koti is very good place for students to buy books and save money. Some shop owner also sell second hand books. If you want to sell your old previous class books, you need to visit Koti and find out the shop who deals with second hand books and you can get paid half price of THE MRP price or little more lower.